Wood Carving

   Wood carving, making art decorations on a piece of wood is considered one of the ancient ways of art. One example of similar works of art is Noah’s Ark and its’ building process. The new testament tells a story, that Saint Joseph was a carpenter and made a living from his profession. Child Jesus and his brother Jacob knew this profession well and helped Joseph in this way.

   Georgia is an ancient country and wood carving derives from ancient times as well. In different parts of Georgia there used to be different ways of wood carvings. Some of them are still remained today. In this way Svanety (part of Georgia) is one of the most significant place, where wood carvings are used to decorate wooden house interior and furniture including pillors, lord chairs, and other pieces of furniture.

   Wood carving is not a wide spread proffesion in modern Georgia, that leads people forget about one of the ancient traditional ways of art. There are just a few carpenters all around Georgia and even they can’t afford to teach future generation this profession. Nowadays we have lots of Public and Religious schools that aim not to forget but to develop ancient traditions of wood carving.It must be mentioned that the Patriarch of Georgia places a great role in the processes of developing this profession. He helped to establish a religious school at Sioni Cathedral in 1996 which was later moved to Trinity Cathedral in 2006. The above mentioned school has supported to create an interest in youth and as a result many young people have joined the school. Those people are really successful nowadays.

   Wood carving is a very interesting and enjoyable process. It does not require any painting skills. Study process is really easy and understandable for anyone. We start from a very simple wood carving and time by time move to more difficult ones. We study different types of Svanetian wood carvings and later study how to work on a willow branch. From willow branch we  generally make religious items such as necklaces, crosses medallions, pottery brushes croziers and many other things. The most important factor is that the tuition is free and anybody can join the classes and use the opportunity to comprehense such a God Blessed work like a wood carving.