About me


   I am Oliver (Badri) Shvelidze . I was born on 27th January in Tbilisi in 1977  I am Georgian. My native language is Georgian but I also speak Russian and English.I am married.

   In 1994 I finished public school. № 133 .  From 1995 to 1999 I had been doing Theological Seminary Course. From 2000 to 2005 I had been studying  at Tbilisi Theological Academy. I am a wood curver. I have been working:

    In Sioni Parochial School since 1997.

   In Gldani Parochial School since 2000.

   In Iveria Virgin icon Christian Orthodox School since 2007.

I  worked:

   2009-2010 in Colony for criminals under age.

   2002-2008 in Lyceum named” Kai Kma”

   2008-2009 Georgian Patriarchate st. Ilia Martali Tbilisi School

2008-2009 Qashueti Parochial School.

   At  different times I have participated in various international art exhibitions.